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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Ellyce - Headshot

Ellyce Fulmore
Intersectionality, Identity, and Your Money

Farrah - Headshot

Farrah Turcotte
Mastering Your Money Mindset

Sandy - Headshot

Sandy Yong
What They Don’t Teach You About Wealth and Investing

Mel - Headshot

Mel Dorion
Planning for a Sabbatical or Career Break

Eduek - Headshot

Eduek Brooks
Giving a Dime About Your Money (4 Steps To Take Control of Your Finances)

Thursday, May 12, 2022

Liz - Head shot

Money Moves for Moms

Alyssa - Headshot

Alyssa Davies
Communicating About Money with Your Partner

Court - Headshot

Court Chais
Practical Tips for Saving Money as a Family

Kari - Headshot

RESPs – How to Invest and Draw Down

Erin - Headshot

Erin Bury
Why You Need a Will in 2022

Maria - Headshot

Maria Smith
How to Be Mortgage Free Faster

Friday, May 13, 2022

Melissa - Headshot

Earn Money While You Sleep – Dividend Investing 101

Emily - Headshot

Conquer the Stock Market: The Power of DIY Investing

Romana - Headshot

Romana King
9 Tips for Creating a Strategic Approach to Home Ownership

Jessica - Headshot

How to Make a Budget that Actually Works

Jolie - Headshot

Jolie Viguers
Business & Personal Finances – Why and How to Get Organized

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Chrissy - Headshot

Investing for Your Kids Outside of an RESP

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