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Welcome to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit!

Hi! I’m Maria, mom, teacher, personal finance blogger, and now summit host.

My husband and I paid off our $342,000 mortgage in less than 5 years and then went on to buy 9 rental properties.

I’m a total money nerd but realize that not everyone wants to talk about money all of the time. For some women, money is still taboo and uncomfortable.

My passion for helping women with money has been a big driver behind this summit. It’s time for Canadian women to have a safe place to learn from and with each other about money.

Meet Your Speakers

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Barkha Rani

How To Analyze Growth Stocks

Barkha Rani is a CFA Charterholder and an Investment Analyst at 5i Research. She is also the Chief Editor of the ETF Letter and frequently contributed to Canadian Money Saver.

Charmie Galang

Are REITs Better Than Real Estate?

I’m a retired banker turned educator and investment strategist. I craft investment strategies for women ready to accelerate their journey to financial independence by helping them learn how to invest in real estate and the stock market confidently and successfully. If you’re ready to take your investing to the next level and create life-changing wealth, let’s connect!

Court Brown

Why Fees Matter When It Comes To Your Investments

Court and her partner, Nic, retired early in their mid 30s with their two young kids. They live frugal yet fulfilling lives and understand that a simple life can be a happy life. They spend money on things they value and cut out the fluff. Court loves talking about personal finance, traveling, getting outside, and spending time with her kids.

Eduek Brooks

How To Build an Investment Portfolio that Withstands Volatility

Eduek is an Engineer and Financial Educator that provides women with the tools they need to gain financial autonomy so they can build long-lasting wealth without depriving themselves of the things they love.

Eduek is on a mission to make complex finance topics accessible, easy to digest and seamless to implement so that women can take control of their finances.

Jolie Viguers

Investing and the Trauma of Money

Jolie is a CPA and Financial Coach on a mission to make her clients more confident with their money. She works with women to understand their money stories and deep values, in order to achieve alignment with their spending and investing. Resolving the stress and frustration of debt and cash flow struggles and transforming that into sustainable plans makes for a big impact! Jolie is active in the FIRE (Financial Independence, Retire Early) community, but is more “Team FI.” She is also the leader at “Canadian Ladies Money Club” on Facebook, with a mission to normalize the conversations about money.

Julie Ducloux

Maximizing Returns and Minimizing Risk: Rebalancing Your Portfolio and the Art of Asset Allocation

Julie Ducloux is the Chief Operating Officer at Passiv, a portfolio management tool that helps investors maintain a balanced portfolio in their brokerage accounts. With Passiv, users set the allocation of their choice for their portfolios, get notified when action is needed to allocate new cash or rebalance. Passiv then calculates rebalancing trades and users can place them in one click across all of their accounts.

Julie has always been into data and math, but it’s really when she joined Passiv and learned more about personal finance that she realized the importance of investing. Her investing philosophy is to keep it simple, focused, and consistent.

Mel Dorion

Mastering Your Money Mindset

Mel Dorion is a financial coach, speaker, blogger & expert in supporting clients to implement Slow-FI options (sabbaticals, part-time work, etc.) in a financially secure way.

Her passion is guiding others to better align their finances with their ideal life. Mel utilizes the knowledge gained through a trilingual Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration, 10 yr Senior Business Analyst career in the Federal Government & own unique FIRE journey.

In 2021, after running her passion business as a side-hustle for several years, she left her career as a public servant to transition into what she considers to be her ideal life where she spends 20 hrs/week (& less in the summer) on work she loves. This leaves her plenty of space to prioritize her family, health & adventure.


My Top 10 Favourite Dividend Stocks

Melissa, the blogger behind Our Life Financial, has been an avid DIY investor for more than 2 decades. She has been inspiring others across social media platforms since 2019, and has been featured in many personal finance blogs and podcasts, in addition to being a presenter at last year’s Woman Can Money Summit.

Currently, she is enjoying early-retirement, while publishing a monthly newsletter for like-minded investors where she shares her portfolio holdings, stock analysis, and monthly dividend income. She hopes that by chronicling her journey it will help others build an income stream for their retirement.


Michelle Hung

Planning for Retirement

Michelle Hung is the author of two books, The Sassy Investor, and Investing for Teens: How to Save, Invest, and Grow Money. As a fee-only financial planner and educator, she has taught thousands of students and clients how to invest in the stock market and build a lifetime of wealth.

She is a CFA charterholder (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has spent over 7 years working in investment banking and venture capital prior to starting her career in personal finances and financial education.

Michelle Robertson

Financial Advisor vs. Robo-Advisor - How Do You Choose?

Michelle’s mission is to narrow the gender wealth gap by empowering women to build wealth. She helps women release their money stress and become confident, savvy investors, so they can live a life they love! In 2021, Ms. Money and Math launched the 10 Weeks to Financial Fierceness program. Michelle has supported 70+ women in this program, helping them collectively find over $25 million in future retirement assets based on the changes they made in the program.

Prior to Ms Money and Math, Michelle spent over 20 years building finance functions across multiple industries in Canada. She is a Canadian Certified Professional Accountant and has worked for organizations such as: The Globe and Mail, Bell Media, The Toronto 2015 Pan Am Games, PricewaterhouseCoopers, and Mastercard Foundation.

Renee Hamilton

Be the Master of Your Mortgage

I am a Wife, Mother, Mortgage Broker and Smith Manoeuvre enthusiast! My passion is showing Canadians how to achieve financial freedom and grow generational wealth! I joined the industry in 2016 and saw almost immediately the impact a skilled Mortgage Broker can have on an individuals financial future. To be the best you need to work with the best and I was privileged to be mentored by some of the most trusted and respected brokers in the industry; I am now paying it forward by mentoring new mortgage brokers.

Stephanie Wolfe

Building an ETF Portfolio for the DIY Investor

Stephanie is certified financial coach and an award-winning C-Suite leader who has spent two decades in wealth management. She is dedicated to helping women learn how to invest with confidence in a fun and safe environment. You can call her your BFF (Best Financial Friend) who is always ready to talk money!

Stephanie is the Founder of Wolfe Collective Wealth and has helped over 200 women to date build their wealth through private events and1:1 coaching. She hosts the Collective Wealth podcast and is passionate about closing the wealth gap for women.

Tracy Ma

Option Selling for the Savvy Investor: Tips and Tricks for Maximizing Gains

I’m a Canadian engineer, investor, and a proud mother of twins who’s dedicated to helping individuals like you achieve their financial goals through stock and real estate investments.

As seen on the Huffington Post, Canadian Real Estate Wealth Magazine, and Medium, I’ve honed my expertise over years of experience and am passionate about guiding others on their journey from self-doubt to confidence. My personal transformation from a bank account of $600, burning out while juggling three jobs to building a 7 figure++ legacy at 35 through real estate and stock investing has proven that financial independence is possible for anyone who’s willing to take action. Let me show you how to create your own path to financial independence and live life on your own terms.

Wendy Verwey

Vote With Your Dollars - How To Find and Invest In Companies That Fit Your Values

Wendy Verwey is a Money Coach, writer, course creator, speaker, landlord, investor, early rat race escapee and single mom.

After experiencing divorce and the death of several loved ones in what she calls her ‘Country Song Year’, Wendy dusted herself off and decided to stop existing and start LIVING.

She learned to SIMPLIFY everything, take control of her money and her life and retired by 41.

Now she spends her time teaching others how to create lives they don’t need a vacation from.

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