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Welcome to the Women Can Money Virtual Summit!

Hi! I’m Maria, mom, teacher, personal finance blogger, and now summit host.

My husband and I paid off our $342,000 mortgage in less than 5 years and then went on to buy 9 rental properties.

I’m a total money nerd but realize that not everyone wants to talk about money all of the time. For some women, money is still taboo and uncomfortable.

My passion for helping women with money has been a big driver behind this summit. It’s time for Canadian women to have a safe place to learn from and with each other about money.

Meet Your Speakers

Alyssa Davies

Communicating About Money with Your Partner

Alyssa Davies is a content manager for Zolo and a published author living in Calgary, Alberta. She is the founder of the two-time award-winning Canadian Personal Finance Blog of the Year, Mixed Up Money. As of 2022, she has over 80,000 followers across social media. Through her work, she has been featured in many notable publications, including The Globe and Mail, CNBC, CBC, and more. Her books, The 100 Day Financial Goal Journal and Financial First Aid are currently available for purchase. Alyssa is a freelance writer and enjoys writing about personal finance, homeownership, and more. When she’s not writing, you can find her enjoying some downtime with her kids, playing soccer or daydreaming about home decor.

Court Chais

Practical Tips for Saving Money as a Family

We are a family of four who reached financial independence in our early 30s. We are valuists in that we spend money on things we value and cut out the fluff. My partner and I started out with $110,000 student loan debt combined and reached the 1 million net worth mark 9 years later while earning ~$110,000 combined from our employers. We love finding ways to optimize expenses and have learned that a simple life is a happy life.

Eduek Brooks

Giving a Dime About Your Money
(4 Steps To Take Control of Your Finances)

I am passionate about teaching women how to invest and manage their finances while maintaining a balanced lifestyle.

I share investment tips that are easy to digest and implement WITHOUT the jargon, suss and fluff.

Ellyce Fulmore

Intersectionality, Identity, and Your Money

Ellyce is a financial educator, content creator and the owner of Queerd Co, a financial literacy business. She takes an intersectional approach to finances by recognizing and addressing how privilege, race, gender, sexuality, mental health, disability and more can affect your ability to build wealth. Ellyce is passionate about stopping the cycle of shame and guilt around money and providing simple and accessible financial education.


Conquer the Stock Market: The Power of DIY Investing

Wife, mom (of two + dog), full time 9-5, and Investor! Passionate about helping moms (and all parents) learn about investing to build their family generational wealth.

This page contains affiliate links meaning I will receive a commission at no extra cost to you should you use the link and make a purchase.

Erin Bury

Why You Need a Will in 2022

Named one of Bay St. Bull’s Women of the Year, Erin Bury is one of Canada’s top female entrepreneurs, an active startup advisor. and a former marketer and technology journalist. Erin is the co-founder and CEO at online estate planning platform Willful, where she drives the company’s mission to make it easier for Canadians to prepare for and deal with death in a digital age. Willful has been named one of Bay St. Bull’s Power 50 companies, and Erin secured a deal for the company on TV’s Dragons’ Den in December 2021. Erin advises multiple startups including podcasting platform Quill. She is also a board member for Save the Children Canada and the co-chair of the #Tech4SickKids initiative for SickKids Hospital.

Farrah Turcotte

Mastering Your Money Mindset

Farrah Turcotte is a personal finance coach and podcast host. She graduated with her BA specializing in Psychology and Family Studies. After struggling with credit card debt, Farrah scoured the web and read many personal finance books to learn about financial literacy and became hooked. In 2020, Farrah launched the Budget Bitch Podcast where she shares personal finance content with an emphasis on mindset, budgeting, and breaking down financial jargon. Since launching her coaching business, Farrah has helped many people create money systems that work for their individual circumstances to grow wealth, pay off debt, save, and spend in alignment with their values. She combines her psychology background, holistic approaches, and love of numbers to help clients grow their financial literacy. Farrah has been featured in Yahoo! Finance’s 12 Women in Finance to Know in 2021.


How to Make a Budget that Actually Works

Hi! I’m Jessica, a budgeting-obsessed millennial from Toronto, Canada. New mom to a beautiful daughter, with my amazing husband. After receiving my MBA, I have been able to travel the world through work and by hacking travel credit card points. I am here to share with other Canadian women the gems I’ve learned.
Start your road to financial independence as early as possible by following me to learn how to get out of debt, stick to a budget, save money and learn to invest!

Jolie Viguers

Business & Personal Finances - Why and How to Get Organized

With a clear focus on financial independence, Jolie coaches clients to become clear and aligned with their values, designing a life and making the money match those dreams. She encourages talking about personal finances, normalizing conversations about risk and debt and investments and cash flow. Her success is to have more people confident to take control of their money and really paying attention to what they want most.

Jolie Viguers, CPA, CMA is the Financial Coach at Well Bean Coaching and she is passionate about living a life with integrity, enthusiasm and curiosity. She is not an “advisor” and therefore will not sell any insurance or investments, however there is a big focus on teaching and continuous learning. Jolie will give you clarity and direction with your finances so you can live your best life, stress free. And at the basis of it all, is money mindset and financial planning based on each client’s values.


RESPs - How to Invest and Draw Down

Kari is a Canadian personal finance blogger and economist, with four children. You can usually find Kari with a cup of tea in one hand and a book in the other.


Money Moves for Moms

Liz helps Canadian Millennials learn about personal finances in a fun and non-intimidating way. As a young adult, Liz struggled with anxiety around money, and became committed to improving her financial literacy to help her cope. She dove deep into Personal Finance books, blogs and podcasts and saved $100,000 by the time she was 26. She has been featured in BNN Bloomberg, Globe and Mail, and Apartment Therapy and hosts her own show “Ambitious Adulting” on Cable 14.

Mel Dorion

Planning for a Sabbatical or Career Break

Mel Dorion is the blogger and creator of Modest Millionaires. She discovered FIRE early in her career & crafted a 10 year plan for her family to reach financial independence by 2025.

Over the last several years Mel started coaching individuals, couples and families to get unstuck and take control of their finances as a side-hustle. She fell in love with guiding others to their financial independence.

In 2021, she made the decision to take a one year sabbatical from her career as a public servant to test out part-time entrepreneurship. She’s since decided to leave her previous job in the federal government and move to a Semi-Retired lifestyle.

She now runs her financial education blog and coaching business on a part-time basis which allows her to cover part of her cost of living while her investments continue to compound to reach her full FIRE number in the next few years.


Earn $ While You Sleep - Dividend Investing 101 

Melissa, the blogger behind Our Life Financial, has been an investor since her early 30s. She left the hustle and bustle of her full-time career in 2019 to spend more time doing what she loves – encouraging women to become DIY investors. Although she started out investing in real estate, her main focus today is owning dividend-paying stocks. She believes it’s an easy and stress-free way to create a growing income stream for retirement. Our Life Financial was named one of the Top 25 Canadian Personal Finance Blogs in 2021.

Romana King

9 Tips for Creating a Strategic Approach to Home Ownership

Romana is an award-winning personal finance and real estate expert, and the Director of Content at Zolo. For over two decades, she’s advised homebuyers, sellers and investors on how to make strategic, smart real estate decisions. Her book, House Poor No More, continues to be an Amazon bestseller and was labelled the must-have “homeowner’s manual” by Financial Post columnist and Ryerson Real Estate Professor, Murtaza Haider.

Sandy Yong

What They Don't Teach You About Wealth and Investing 

Sandy Yong is a self-directed investor who successfully generated a 6-figure investment portfolio and owns several rental properties. As a Keynote Speaker, she teaches female millennials how to invest in the stock market and real estate. With her award-winning book, The Money Master, Sandy has been featured in hundreds of media outlets including Forbes, The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star and NBC News. Sandy was also a TEDx Speaker at the TEDxRyersonU Conference. Most recently, she’s been named Top 10 From The Past 10 from the Ted Rogers School of Management.


Investing For Your Kids Outside of an RESP

(*only available to VIP All Access Pass holders)

Chrissy is the blogger behind Eat Sleep Breathe FI. She eats, sleeps, and breathes financial independence! Chrissy’s particularly passionate about helping her fellow Canadians discover and start their journeys to FI/FIRE. When she’s not blogging, Chrissy enjoys spending time with her husband, teenage boys and their Shiba Inu, Mika.

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